Johnnie Walker Launch: Party Like It’s 19XX

I am NOT a whiskey fan. I would not even consider myself to be an alcohol fanatic. But after attending the Johnnie Walker launch event with Jayvee Fernandez of Manila Bulletin, my perception of the whisky brand took a different turn.

On 24 July 2019, Johnnie Walker launched its Vintage Design Pack Collection – a special run of its Red, Black, Double Black, and Gold Label Reserve variants. For the limited-edition collection, the blends come in a unique packaging design inspired by the ‘20s, ‘70s, ‘90s, and late 2010s respectively.

Arriving at the party, I met up with Jayvee, who is a good old friend of my sister way back their college days, and he gave me a rundown of how artisanal cocktails should be prepared. He showed me the different kinds of bars that they were showcasing during the event. 

The first one was the “High Ball” bar. Our bartender, Ichi, was the one who prepared the drink for us. Jayvee explained to me how a high ball drink is prepared. The preparation is pretty simple – they lower the alcohol percentage by mixing a small portion of the whiskey with a non-alcoholic beverage like soda, ginger ale, or coke. That way, the drink won’t taste too strong for anyone drinking a high ball. I honestly enjoyed the drink and my taste buds were craving for more.

He also showed me another bar near the DJ area which serves raw whisky drink which we both decided to skip since we were not aiming to have hard drinks for the night.

We decided to transfer to this white area called “The Experimental” bar. I immediately noticed that this area was designed with a lot of laboratory flasks to fit the theme of “experimenting” with whiskey. Here they serve four different flavors: Johnnie Nitro Highball, Back to The Highball, Johnnie Bold-Fashioned, and The Pomelovardier. Lester, the bartender for the experimental bar, served Jayvee a Bold-Fashioned while I got the Back to The Highball.

As a non-whisky lover, I have to say that drinking experimental artisanal cocktails was a game changer for me. It was a new experience for me and my taste buds absolutely enjoyed every drop of the drinks I tried. Aside from that, I didn’t feel wasted after the event because the drinks were mixed just right – not too strong and not too mild. It makes me want to replicate the drinks myself and share them with friends.

Actually, my curious taste buds are thirsty for more. I will definitely try more of these artisanal drinks when I get the chance.

Johnnie Walker is definitely a drink that caters to different generations and I believe they were able to bring together different eras in one night. I would like to thank Jayvee for inviting me to this cool event and for introducing me to artisanal cocktails. Also, special thanks to Ichi and Lester for serving us some awesome fun drinks. I will definitely see you guys again one of these days.

The Johnnie Walker Vintage Design Pack Collection will be available until supplies last at Php 659, Php 1,399, Php 1,599, and Php 1,499 for Red, Black, Double Black, and Gold Label Reserve respectively at all leading supermarkets nationwide. For more information, check out Johnnie Walker Philippines on Facebook and @johnniewalkerph on Instagram.

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